Tips to decorate your living room better

When it comes to home décor, the first priority of every individual’s first priority is their living room, as that is the room that others see when they first enter the house.

Decorating the living room in your style gives you a chance to really reflect your own personal style and create a look you actually love. Here are some tips which will help you to decorate your home.


Firstly, one should decide the budget at which the decoration will be done. An individual can spend as much as he/she likes. Therefore, deciding on the budget before planning anything is important.

The mess in the room, if any, should be cleaned next by getting rid of all the unnecessary items. Then, painting the walls with some new colours or putting some wallpapers can give a completely new look to your room.

But if one wall is painted with a very contrasting colour and the other three walls are painted on a single colour, then it will give a more attracting look.

If you are an artistic person, then using some graffiti on walls or some walls stickers will make you happier.

Hanging some photos of your memories or some artworks will also brighten up your room.

Hanging some fairy lights or string lights on your room above your bed will give your room a sense of warmth. There are many decorative lights comes in different shapes sizes and colours.

Adding some extra cushions, beautiful curtains, rugs and sheets will make the room more luxurious. Adding scented or colourful candles will give a soft glow to your room.

A mirror makes the room looks bigger. A big long mirror with a fancier frame, an unusual shape or some design edged onto it will highlight the room.

Consider getting a comfortable place to sit such as bean bags, armchair or a small sofa. There should be a small table where all the necessities should be kept with a night lamp on the top and also a wall clock or a small stand clock.

This is how u can decorate your own room by applying those tips. Or else u can bring out your own ideas for decoration and can renovate your room in your own style.

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