Things to do before moving to new place

Check before moving to new place

Moving places and shifting houses is one of those few things that all of us have definitely at least once in our lifetime.

Though the idea of moving to a new place and building a new life seems fun and frolic, there are a few things that most people tend to leave until the last minute.

These things, if not planned prior well and good, makes the moving process sour and irksome.

Moving places and shifting houses

In this article, we have put together a handy moving guide to make the moving in process smooth.

Change the locks

The house you just moved into might have been shown to you by a realtor, or you might have bought it on your own directly from the owner.

Whatsoever, the fact is, you never really know who else has keys to your home. So, change the locks. That ensures you’re the only person who has access.

Professional Clean up

As a matter of fact, most properties are cleaned up by professionals before being handed over to the new resident.

But sometimes, a house may be empty for an extended period of time, which means it will need another clean before you move in.

In such a case, it is always advisable to hire a professional cleaner who would use acids and stuff to clean the houses.

 Check for pests and rodents

In a humid country like India, pests and rodents inside the house is a very common sight. Keeping up with the previous point, houses that have been vacant for a long period have a high possibility of pest and rodent presence.

Thus, it is advisable to hire professionals to have a hygienic and clean home before moving in.

Add Door and Window Alarms- 

As the crime rates across the country keep increasing year after year, safety should be the foremost concern while moving homes. 

Just keeping the doors and windows locked is not enough, your first line of defense.

Wireless alarms installed in both windows and doors are mandatory nowadays.

Use the alarms in ‘hidden’ areas of the house where you don’t normally gather and that are often dark.

Check for leakage and spillage

 Most houses act differently in different seasons. It is probable that the house you bought/booked seemed all fine during the winters, but come monsoons and they may spring water streams from places that you did not know existed.

Hence, it is advisable to hire house inspectors who will be able to tell the condition of the house using his expert eyes.

Prior Connections

Connect energy, internet and other facilities like the telephone on a priority basis, before you move to the house.

In this way, you will have to worry about one less thing after you move. It will help if you create a priority list and phase out your work accordingly.

 Update address and contact information

An important thing which many fails to do after moving is to update the new postal address.

It’s also important to update your friends and relatives. Send around a text message or email notifying people of your new address and phone number, so that you don’t have to rely on the new tenants of your old home to forward your mail.

Notify the post office immediately of your new address.


We hope that this checklist will definitely help you a lot during your moving process. If you are looking for packers and movers, RealtyMonk is just one click away.

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