The ultimate checklist for installing solar energy in your house

Solar Panels for domestic use

If you are considering to install solar panels in your house, first of all, a huge congratulations! Switching to solar energy is not only good for the environment, but also saves your wallet. Though the installation process costed a hefty sum a decade back, the price now has decreased considerably. Many governments across the world also offer discounts and subsidies on the price of solar to make them widely popular among the masses.

Despite all the benefits solar panels promise, installing them is not a piece of cake, and cannot be done without the help of an expert. Thus to make the process of installing solar panels easy, we have listed down a few tips that must be followed before the installation.

Let’s read on-

  1. The Right Price

While buying a solar panel, make sure that you are paying the right price. As stated above, prices of solar panels and solar panel installations have decreased considerably over the years.

  • Electricity Amount

The most important thing to measure before you buy or install the solar panels is to calculate how much electricity you will be using. Also, determine the time of the use. This will be a deciding factor in the size and quality of your solar panels.

  • Understanding Finance

Also deciding the mode of payment is important. High quality solar panels are not very cheap and understanding the finance will help you plan the process of installation in a better way.

  • The Systems

Solar energy installations come with varied systems, and understanding the differences between them is crucial. The two most popular solar installation patters are passive and active. You can research about the differences between them and go for one that suits you needs and budget.

  • Site Survey

Do a site survey before installing the panels to check how much visibility your rooftop have (or whatever you plan to install the panels). Also calculate the time duration when that particular area will be sunny or shaded.

Other things to keep in mind

Solar panels usually come with a guarantee of 25 years. So if you are installing them on the roof, it should have the same or even longer life span. A roof with shorter life span than the panel will make no sense. Also, be clear about the maintenance. Who is going to take care of the panels once they are installed?

Switching to solar energy can be one of the best decisions that you can ever make. However, if not done right, this can cost you more than you calculated. Thus, be smart and do the installation right.

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