Smart storage hacks to organize your entire house

storage hacks for organized living

Living in a small house doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make do less space. All you need is to be smart with your space and organize it to get the optimum use of every nook and corner. Many people across the world have taken to the art of living with minimal, yet creative storage space. Many tiny homes end up with as much usable storage area as places with a larger footprint, all because of the space-savvy residents.

Here are a few small space storage hacks that will come in handy no matter the size of your home.

  • The first hack for an organized and neat living is to go for furniture that have multiple uses. Ottomans that double us as storage boxes, beds with storage underneath or couches that can also be used as beds- anything that has multiple uses should be your choice.
  • Second, when it doubt, hang it up. The best way for organized storage is to use the walls. Wall shelves are not only a great storage, but also go a long way in jazzing up the decor of the house. Keep in mind to color the shelf and the wall with the same hue to give illusion of bigger spaces.
  • Using the spare spaces of the kitchen, the bathrooms and the balconies for storage also helps. Additional storage gained is a huge plus. These places can be best used for storing home supplies, maintenance stuff and even rugs and blankets.
  • Many people who have altered the storage game swear by using curtains instead of doors. While doors are rigid taking a lot of space, curtains are more flexible. This makes adjusting furniture and other items easier.
  • The key to smart storage is to use decorative storage. Rather than making obvious storage choices, go for ones who have an appeal of beauty in them.
  • Going by the same line, it is important to think about the look of your hidden storage. For example, if the bed cum couch that you bought to save space doesn’t compliment the colour and decor scheme of your house, it serves no purpose. Rather, it will end up making the room much cluttered and clumsy.
  • Using slide out racks in bathroom and kitchen cabinets is a great space saver and an amazing hack to store things in a more organized way.

Storage is a real issue, but when we let our storage solution define our personality, it becomes easy to make a choice. Let us know about our list in the comment section below.

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