Signing a lease in Thailand? Check these things.


Signing a lease in a country as versatile as Thailand can be little tricky, if the one signing the lease doesn’t know the terms and conditions of the country. Whatever maybe on the list- house, car, house, property- signing a long term lease is a huge commitment. And if you are not careful about it, things might get complicated and result in the huge losses. In this article, we will help you spot some of most important things to check while signing a lease in Thailand.

Let’s read on-

>> Lease on machinery– Prior to buying any machinery and signing a lease for the same, check out the condition and the functioning. This is because after paying or signing the receipt/lease for any machinery, they cannot be returned, changed or repaired, and results is loss of money. Thailand has an abundance of flee markets where electronics and machinery items are available easily. Care to check before buying them.

>> Lease on electricity, water and internet– While paying for electricity, internet and water, ensure that the power reception is working. Check that there is enough availability and there won’t be any shortage later on. Please note that Thailand has shortage of power supply, hence interfering the supply of internet and water as well. Thus, it is extremely important to be cautious about reception while signing the lease for electricity, water and internet.

>> Lease on subletting an apartment– An apartment can be sublet only with the knowledge of the landlord, and if the clause has agreed upon in the rental agreement. Thus, while signing a lease while subletting an apartment in Thailand, make sure to check the lease. If if not mentioned, ask for the permission of the landlord.

>> Lease on apartment– Before moving into an apartment and signing a lease for the same, note down all the pre-existing damages and inform them to the owner/seller. This will not only set things on a clear path since the beginning, but also save the tenant from loss of money later on.

>> Lease on buying a house– Signing a lease while buying a house can be quite strenuous. However, if you are buying a house in Thailand, make sure to research about all the rules and regulations of the country well in advance. Also, other precautions like checking the amenities and provisions also come a long way in signing the lease for houses in Thailand.

Apart from these, there needs to be precautions taken while signing the lease for cars and other vehicles as well. Keep reading our blog section for more info on them as well.

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