Real Estate- The Inside Out of the Industry

Real estate is the industry which manages buying, selling, or renting and construction of immovable property. People who work in this industry are known as real estate agents. They help people buy, sell, or rent property and earn a huge commission in turn of the service they provide.

The Money Factor

The amount of money made by real estate agents depend on a number of factors, like the number of transactions done by them and the commission paid to the agent by the buying and selling parties. They charge around 6-7% of the total value of the deal as the commission, which is paid directly to the agents by either of the parties. However, this rate differs from place to place, property to property and broker to broker.

How do they do it?

To understand the money making process of the real estate agents, one should understand the relationship between the broker and the agent.

Both agents and brokers are licensed salespersons under the state government in which they work. But many a times, real estate agents cannot work independently. Also, certain laws prohibit them from being paid a commission directly. Brokers, on the other hand, are able to work independently and/or hire real estate agents. Thus, the commission is generally paid directly to the broker. It is split with the agent, if one is involved in the process.

How to be a Real Estate Agent

To be a Real Estate Agent, one at least needs a school leaving certificate. Agents must also get licenses from the state government in which they work.

Job Skills and Requirements

To achieve the pinnacle of success an agent,  should definitely build a strong communication skill. One also needs to be proficient in the native language of the area where they want to work. The greater number of languages one is adept with, the better the chances of being a good real estate broker.

The second quality that a real estate agent must possess is the ability to convince. Because if an agent is not passionate about his/her job and do not sound convincing for the client to believe in him/her, he/she is never going to be successful in this field.

Additional qualities like wide knowledge about the industry, the place and the demographics play a vital role in the making of a good real estate agent.

It is always advisable for an upcoming real estate agent to first work under a property management company or a real estate broker to gain a perspective about the business and the industry.

The future of real estate agents

As the real estate market began to turn around in the last decade, the real estate agent jobs grew moderately. But in the last couple of months, the trend has seen a decrease across India. With the boom of ‘zero brokerage express tenancy companies’ in the industry, people are gradually turning towards them, as they emit most of the risk factors of the industry.

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