Moving long distances? Read these tips.

Moving long distances? Read these tips.

Long-distance move is a long process. It requires a big deal of planning and management to make the process stress-free. A proper planning helps you to avoid pitfalls along the process. When you are packing to move for a long distance, you must consider the differences between shifting within and outside the city.

If you are planning a long-distance move, or just need to ensure that your shifting goes off as planned, the tips will definitely be your savior-


In a long distance move, shipments are handled by multiple packers and movers. Also the duration of the shipment in move is long. Thus, pack everything well and cushioned inside the box. Also, place one box on top of other and nothing to be left loose. Containers inside boxes should be well sealed to prevent breakage.


A lot can happen to your stuff while being shipped from one place to the other. Travelling hundreds of miles, being loaded and unloaded by a number of crews is risky.  So be ready for the worse and get a property insurance coverage. Before your move out, determine the type of coverage you would like to buy and make an informed decision.


Keep personal documents with you. If you will need documents such as recent bank statements before your shipment arrives, do not pack them in your boxes. Basically, don’t pack anything you’ll need before your shipment arrives.


Before making the final package, inspect the wooden furniture, or any other suspect items, for signs of insect or larvae infestation. Certain states have moving regulations on furniture to prevent transporting contaminants. Such information can be found on government printed pamphlets.

Also, PACK YOUR MATTRESS IN A BOX. Otherwise it can be bent out of shape, damaged, tarnished or dirtied.

Every move, whether residential or commercial is unique and requires varied services, both standard and customized. If you are looking for a commercial packers and movers, RealtyMonk is your answer.

RealtyMonk ensures the end-to-end safe transportation of items, both within and outside the city. All items are packed appropriately to ensure safe, secure and swift transportation. The delivery team also reopens the packaging and sets the house as per directed by the householder. Vehicles like cars, bikes and scooters are transported in their own specialized transportation trucks to ensure a secure move.

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