Most common bathroom problems and the ways to fix them

The bathroom is the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work. But when the problems arise in that area of your house, it is most definite that you will freak out. Problems in the bathroom can be really strenuous and it can drive you out of your time money and energy, if not taken care at the earliest. Thus, in this article today we list to you some of the most common problems bathroom problems and easy tips and tricks to combat them.

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>> Moisture and Mold– Bathroom, by nature is a place that houses moisture, and we all know that moisture is a breeding ground for mold, fungus and other forms of bacteria. The best way to keep out mold from your bathroom is to have a proper source of ventilation, which will be a great way for the inflow of fresh air and sunlight. Also, keeping indoor plants in the bathroom keep the air fresh. Some tiles and walls also help in less breeding of molds.

>> Drain Issues

This is undeniably the most common bathroom problem. Leaky drains and clogged drains make a bathroom look, feel and smell very unattractive. To prevent your bathroom from transforming into an unattractive cubicle, you can do your bit to keep the drainage clean. One of the simplest ways is to pour hot water down them once or twice a week. This can help remove any substances that have congealed. Also, using salt and vinegar along with hot water will take away the built-up gunge. Bleach your bathroom once in a while as well.

>> Clogged Toilet

If only there were no clogged toilets in the earth! To be very honest, clogged toilets should have been in the top of the list of bathroom problems. However, the focus here is how to unclog a toilet with ease if and when you face the problem. It is best to hire a professional to do so, but if you insist on doing it on your own, keep in mind to scoop out excess water before breaking the plunger. Like the other mentioned points, regular cleaning of the toilet drains will prevent it from clogging in the long run.

>> Too weak/too strong water pressure

We all have been there, got bored waiting for the water to hit that comes too slowly or that come so hard that it bites our skin. If the water flow is too slow, that indicates clogs in water piper. On the other hand, if the water flow is too swift, fix a controller on the faucet. It will help the flow of the water. If nothing works, you can also choose to remodel the pipes of your bathroom altogether.

The key to stay away from the most common bathroom problems is to clean them on a regular interval, so that the gunk and the grime gets no time to accumulate at all.

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