Mandatory questions to ask before buying a luxury villa


Buying or investing in a luxury villa isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For a majority of us, investing in a property is an once in a lifetime experience. The probability is even higher when you are investing in a luxury apartment or a villa.

A lot goes into the process of buying a house, hence a prospective home-buyer ought to be prepared about a long list of do’s and don’ts. Apart from the basic internet research and negotiation of price, the list of things that a owner should be concerned about are mentioned below

>> Doing research prior to making any sort of investment in a property is the most basic way to start your process. However, it is equally important for the buyer to have interactions with friends, family and agents who have gone through the same process beforehand. Face to face interactions help in a way that is many a times more beneficial than internet research.

>> You are done with all the talking and the research. Now what? The next crucial step after research is to draw impartial advice from the sources. Such advice from the experts in the market enlighten you about the real estate and market trends and help you find the best deal in the city with much less worry.

>> When you as a prospective investor decide on a property, it is important for you to ask crucial questions to the broker/seller/builder. Questions like ‘IS THE PROJECT GOVERNMENT APPROVED?’, ‘ARE THERE ANY HIDDEN COSTS?’, ‘WHAT IS/ARE THE USPs OF THE PROJECT?’ and ‘WHAT IS THE PROBABLE RETURN OF INVESTMENT ON THE GIVEN PROJECT?’ will land you a good and informed deal.

>> As stated above, investing in a luxury apartment is a big decision for a majority of home-buyers. Hence, it should be done after much research and thinking. Also, keeping options wide open never hurts.

So, here’s the closing note-

Home buyers shouldn’t believe everything blindly that sales reps say. It is advised to go beyond their words and the glossy brochures and carry out a good research individually.

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