Living in a villa? Here are the pros and cons

The joy of living in a villa can only enjoyed by a few. With the continuous rise of prices in the real estate industry, buying/owning a villa has become a distant dream for many. However, whatever the situation may be, living in a villa comes with a set of pros and cons.

In the article below, we have listed out for you a list of pros and cons of living in a villa. If you are looking out to buy a villa or rent one, we hope that this article will be insightful for you and will help you make an informed decision.

So, let’s get into the pros first-

  • Luxurious lifestyle– Villas, no doubt offer a better lifestyle than living in a condo or a flat. Owning to the size of the land that villas are spread across, they are a sign of sophistication and luxury.
  • Personalized décor– Unlike condos or flats, the décor of a villa is entirely dependent on the taste of the owner. Right from the drawing the blueprint to the choice of tiles is done on the decision of the owner.
  • Large space– Villas are constructed over huge acres of land, which means it can include all amenities which are usually not available in a smaller living space. Again, depending on the taste and choice of the owner, most villas generally sport swimming pool, library, lush green garden area, parking, sports and gym area among others.
  • Privacy and exclusivity– Living in a villa means you are not answerable to anyone. You do not share walls with anyone, and hence is free to do anything you want. You have the exclusivity to live your life the way you want. Also, you will have a terrace entirely to yourself. Now isn’t that just fabulous?

However, the villa life is not fun and games all the time. As stated in the title, lets look in the flip side of the coin. Here are the cons of living in villa-

  • The owner of the villa is answerable to every woe that goes inside it. Unlike the luxury of living in an apartment, where issues are supervised by specific committees, villas are personal properties, and thus problems need to be solved by the owner himself/herself.
  • The issue of security is a huge matter of concern for the ones living in villas. Most villa owners appoint security guards of install hi tech security systems to make their property secure, but being a standalone building, the issue never complete go off.
  • Living in a villa can be really expensive, often reflecting on the electricity bills to be paid. Also, since the owner solely has to maintain, repair and keep an eye on the upkeep of the property, the expenditure on maintenance too goes up significantly.
  • Investing in a villa can be a risky choice to make, as if any unforeseen situation wreaks havoc on the property, it might end up losing all its value.

Creating a list of pros and cons of living in a villa was not an easy job for us. We hope our efforts paid off and we were able to help you in making a decision, if you were looking for any.

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