Investing in housing projects in Kathmandu in 2019- everything to know

Buying a house to call your own is an universal dream, one that is nurtured by people across the globe. The scene is not any different in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, despite the ecological atrocities that it has faced in the recent past. Like any other industry, the real estate sector has evolved and have witnesses some significant changes, which we have discussed in detail in the previous article of ours.

In continuation to the previous article, here we have focused pros and cons of investing in housing projects in the upcoming year. As the year is wrapping up its last seconds, we look into the prospects of investing in housing projects in Kathmandu in the upcoming year(s). Not long back we did and exclusive article about the real estate trends of 2018 that are definitely going to stay and flourish for the nest year. Here, we are going to consider those factors while writing this article.

Let’s read on-

>> Risks in the real estate sector continues to be there, specially for a country like Nepal, which has been in an ecologically imbalanced scale since ever. Risks are pretty much existent, in and around real estate, and it is advisable that if you are thinking of investing in a housing project in Kathmandu anytime next year, analyze the risk factors in the real estate industry and work upon them.

>> The fact that the price of the real estate continues to rise top, mid and bottom makes investing in a house a huge step. However, with pre-approved loans, budget maintenance and extensive research, 2019 will continue seeing buying and selling of real estate.

>> The third thing that is going to impact the property investment process in Nepal is that advertising is increasingly playing a vital role in the buy, sale and listing of both commercial and residential properties. Social media portals are being used widely to promote and advertise the real estate industry.

Considering the above trends that continue to dominate the real estate industry of Nepal to a great extent, it can be said that investing in a housing property in the upcoming year will definitely be a great choice to make. The source and scope of investment plans still continues to be the same, except for some rural areas. And, buying a house still continues to be big investment decision among all classes of the society.

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