How to upgrade to your house within budget?

Home Improvement on Budget

If you have a knack for DIYs and are considering giving your home a new look, you are already on a verge of saving money. Re-modelling a house might take a toll on time, energy and money of the home owner, but this can be avoided with some smart moves. With right planning, one can transform the look and feel of the house, going soft on the wallet and and saving a lot of money.

Check our list of easy ways to upgrade the home-

  1. Go colourful

Painting is the easiest way to change the look of your home without burning a hole in the pockets. You can choose to color the main door, the walls, the kitchen, the porch, storage cabinets- depending on your budget. You can also color the flooring of your house to give the house a vibrant look.

  • Lighting matters

Lighting plays a big role in the look of the house. Changing the light fixtures is another way to upgrade the house in a budget. You can go for antique lamps, chandeliers, paper lamps, disco lights or anything under the sun, depending on your budget and taste.

  • Mirror Magic

A style that has become quite a trendy home decor is the addition of mirrors. Mirrors add light to the house, making it look bigger, brighter and fancier. Choosing a framed mirror which compliments the decor of your house is an easy an affordable way to upgrade it’s look.

  • Make some metal talk

Metals fixtures in a house is capable of making or breaking its look. If the fixtures of the doors, cabinets, storage spaces etc. have changed their colors, you can change them to give the house a new look. Doing so wouldn’t cost you much. You can also replace the metal hinges and knobs altogether with something fancy.

  • Research, research and research

The most important thing before upgrading a house is to know it’s importance. We did an exclusive article on good and bad house improvements. Thus the key is to ask your realtor what’s in demand in the market, and do those things accordingly.

  • Kitchen first

If and when you want to remodel your house, starting with the kitchen is the wisest choice. It is because kitchen upgrades like new appliances and countertops will usually give the biggest return on your investment. You can also upgrade the fixtures or knobs in the kitchen.

  • Go green

The best and the easiest of all is to get some plants in your house. Plants and stunning decorators, natural air purifiers and give the house a fresh and clean look. Click here to know more about the best indoor plants in India.

This is our list for cheap, easy and trendy methods to upgrade your home game. Let us know what you think of them in the comments section below.

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