How to make a neighborhood more tenant friendly

Tips to make a neighborhood more tenant friendly

Of all the things that a person has to consider before moving homes, the search for ideal locality does top the list. A happy, safe and clean locality are vital parameters in the real estate business. The key to selling a property instantly is to make the locality clean, secure and attractive for the prospective clients. This is a long and consistent process but can be started with the most basic changes.

For example, something as simple as reducing the noise emission level can make a locality favorable.

In this article, we are listing a couple of ways in which you can make your locality attractive for prospective tenants. Please note that some of these will be community efforts and will need the help of more than one person to make the change swift and evident.

  1. Maintain clean and shared spaces

A clean locality is a healthy locality. So when you put your flat for rent, it is mandatory to maintain a clean space. Also, if you live in an apartment and share the entrance, yard or parking, it becomes your responsibility to clean that space. Also, make sure that the waste produced is minimum and is managed efficiently.

  1. Reduce noise emission

As the property owner, you have to be open to the idea that your prospective tenants can be anybody. Noisy neighborhoods bother people a lot, and some even tend to get sick because of it. So be cautious about the noise factor. You can build a committee and complain against noise producing agents (if any) to combat the problem.

  1. Go green

In this age of ever-increasing concrete jungle, a green locality grabs attention like nothing else. To make your locality green, you can observe plantation weeks. You can also initiate plantation gifting among one-another on special occasions. Such tiny steps will go a long way in making your neighborhood green.

  1. Have a proper waste management system

In our other article (read here), we spoke about the importance of effective waste management in an apartment. Proper waste management not only stops the place from looking like a dumping ground, but it is also a great step towards saving our planet.

  1. Have alternate sources of power

There are very few localities which have made a complete shift towards renewable sources of energy. Depending upon the location of your property, you can either harness solar, wind or tidal energy for regular use. Having an alternate source of power is attractive, safe and useful.

  1. Pet-friendly

This might be a tricky one if you do not have pets of you owns. But if you have rented out your place to someone who has pets, there are certain things that make the tenant’s life easier. You can have play areas for the pet or have a more pet-friendly community as a whole.

Follow these tips and we do assure you that you will be the go-to neighborhood in the real estate sector very soon.

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