How to get your security deposit back in Thailand

One of the many nerve-wrecking consequences of moving out is the war over the security deposit with the landlord. Only in the rarest of cases, tenants are blessed with landlords who make no fuss about the security deposit while returning the money. Such an occurrence is almost unique and depends on the fate of the tenant.

Things are no different in Thailand as well. If you had rented a place in the country and are about to move out now, it becomes mandatory for you to know certain Thai rules and tricks that will help you in getting back your deposit without any issues. However, please note that these tips and tricks are not sure-shot methods for pocketing the money, we just state that these will help you in your quest.

Let’s read on-

>> Notify the landlord ‘at-least’ a month before moving out– Most landlords deduct a huge amount in the security deposit just because they are not being informed in advance. While this might sound ridiculous for the tenants, this however is a big deal for the landlord. Notifying the landlord in advance not only help the tenants to let the landlord know about any wear and tear, but also help the landlord to fix the issues and set the house right for the nest set of tenants in return.

>> Keep a copy of the original deposit receipt– Losing the original copy of the payment receipt is a grave mistake most tenants make. It becomes very hard for the tenant to state the exact sum of amount paid, and provide a proof for it, hence settling for a security deposit that’s much lesser than the actual deposit amount.

>> Leave the house in a good, clean state– Landlords make sure to clean every nook and corner of the house when the tenants move out. And the areas that grab eyeballs are bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, window seals etc. Hence, it is your duty as a tenant to leave the house in a perfect state, leaving no room for complaints.

>> Read the terms and conditions– Before moving out of a house, its your duty as a tenant to read the terms and conditions mentioned in the rental agreement. Clarity on the policies mentioned in the agreement will help you claim for your money, if and when any discrepancy is made by the landlord.

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