How can I build a vertical garden?

If you have a soft corner for plants, but you lack space in your house, vertical garden is the best solution for you. Also, if you have wall that looks drab, or want to funk up your home decor a bit, vertical garden is a great option. Vertical gardens serve as a great alternative to space constraints where you can grow edibles, annuals, perennials and all other sort of greens. The only key being here is to keep the season in mind.

Let us look at the steps to build a vertical garden, step by step-

>> Choose a wall and measure it up– While choosing the perfect wall for your garden, keep in mind that it should have access to sunlight, if not direct. Also, if it has a tap nearby, it will facilitate in the watering of the plants. Once finalized, measure up the wall and mark out the spots where you can put the screws. Depending upon the size of your flower pots, you can decide on the number and style of the garden.

>> Build the frame– The next step is to build a frame based on the measurements made. You can also buy ready-to-hang frames or planters and hang them in spots marked. While buying or building the frame, please keep in mind that they should compliment the size, shape and color of the wall.

>> Choose the right set of plants– If you have been into gardening for quite sometime, you would know that not all plants can be grown in the same manner. Thus while choosing plants for hanging pots or vertical garden, it is wise to go for ones that don’t grow too tall. Creepers are also a good choice for vertical gardens.

>> Prune the plants for better decoration– Most plants get healthier and bushier when pruned on a regular interval. For all the newbies out there, it is advisable to read about gardening before buying plants. As, without proper care even the most fanciest of the plants will look dull and end up dead in no time soon.

>> Weather resistant wall– Actually, this should have been the first point. It is extremely important that the wall on which you plan to build the vertical garden should not get all worked upon in any weather. Walls that get heated on during summer, soak in water during the rainy season or get icy cold during the winters can be harmful for the health of the plants.

Growing a vertical garden is not an easy task to do. We hope that our article on vertical gardening can be beneficial for you.

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