Home Décor Tips for a 1 BHK flat

If you have recently moved into a 1 BHK flat, you might be spending a lot of time in setting up space. Most 1 BHK flats end up feeling pretty cramped after the complete decor is finished. Most often we fill our house with bad décor choices. Be it choosing chunky pieces of furniture or taking too much of the floor space, some choices we make in turn make our home like a den.

In this article below, we have listed out some smart and cost-effective home décor tips for 1 BHK flats, that will help you in changing the look of your abode.

1. Keep the floor free

It is no doubt a pretty tempting to throw everything on the floor and not give a dime about the mess. Even if the things lying on the floor are organized, it will end up making your floor space look small.

2. Wall is your best friend

So now that we have ruled out the floor space, where are you supposed to keep your stuff? Well, the wall is the answer. Get drawers and cupboards attached to the wall, preferably at a higher height. While the height will make your room look taller, the empty floor space will large out the room.

3. Glass cover

Glass closings for the wall drawers also will prevent the room from looking small and cramped.

4. Lighter colors

The most vital home décor tip for a 1 BHK is to use light colors for everything, including curtains, bedspread, furniture, wall color, and even floor rug. If you want a pop of color, you can always go for an indoor plant or a bright centerpiece or colorful sofa covers, among many other ideas.

5. Multipurpose pieces

Be if furniture, or kitchen appliances, buying multipurpose pieces have their own benefits. If you are living in a one-bedroom house, it will best for you to invest in pieces that are compact and multipurpose, so that it not only will save your space, but also be kind on your budget.

6. Bright light

Bright light and smaller spaces are synonymous to each other. If your house does not have access to natural light, installing bright light is a great option for you. Shabby light makes a small place look dark and dingy. It can also make the owner feel suffocated and depressed.

7. Clutter-free

A clutter-free house is a happy house. So, try your best to keep your house as fuss-free as you can. This will reflect in the betterment of your physical and mental health.

Home décor is a personal matter. We hope that our article gave you an idea to decorate your 1 BHK in a better and beautiful way.

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