Easy and affordable tips to keep the air in your house fresh

How to keep the air in your house clean

Fresh air has become a luxury off late. However, with some handy tips and tricks, one can easily change the air quality inside the house. These hacks are easy, affordable and can be easily done. Regular practice of these tips will definitely increase the quality of the air significantly, that too without much effort.

So, let’s read on to know more-

  1. Light fabrics

Using light fabrics like cotton, rayon and muslin for the purposes of sofa covers, curtains, bed covers or even rugs in general helps a lot in keeping the air clean. First, these fabrics do not attract dust and hence a lot easier to clean. Second, they are light and airy, hence allow the free flow of air.

  • Windy windows

Windows can never the overrated. They are the best source of free flow of air. However, if the air outside your house is dusty, you can either choose between wind screens or air purifiers, depending on your budget and taste.

Plants not only jazz up the decor of the house instantly, but also play a vital role in cleansing the air. Indoor plants like jade, snake plant, white lily and aloe vera are great air purifiers. They demand least care and hence a great way to clean the air naturally.

  • Non synthetic wall paints

Most synthetic colours do not reflect UV rays, hence being extremely harmful for the air inside. The lead present in synthetic colours also attract dust easily, which plays a negative role in the quality of the air inside.

  • Moping and cleaning

Regular sweeping, moping and cleaning of the house not only keeps the dust off the floor, but also keeps the air clean. This is so because if and when the surface of the house is clean, the air circulated within be clean as well.

  • Sunlight scenes

Sunlight is a natural disinfectant. The more the house gets sunlight, the more naturally clean it will be. Sunlight suppresses the growth of mold and fungi, keeping the air light and fresh.

  • Clean wardrobe and bathroom

These two places are breeding ground of bacteria. Unclean bathrooms and wardrobes make the air around contaminated and unhealthy to breathe in. Cleaning these two in regular intervals go a long way in keeping the air clean.

Breathing in clean and healthy air is thus is not a herculean task, if these tiny little changes are introduced in your living space. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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