Different types of Sofas

Types of Sofas

If our living room is a crown, the sofa is definitely the head gem of it. They are omnipresent- hotels, lobbies, waiting rooms, lounges, even movie theatres!

If someday the human race finds a way to do without the cosy comfort of sofas, it will definitely be a new chapter in the history of the humankind.

Like everything that we love, sofas too come in various shapes, sizes, designs, forms and makings. Leather, Wood, Bamboo, Fabric- sofas have given us love in every way possible.

wooden sofas

If we talk about a classy living room, we have to talk about wooden sofas. Though a bit steep on the price, the oomph that wooden sofas ooze is irreplaceable. If a big amount of money hits your account regularly, you can definitely standardize your living by getting a wooden sofa set.

There are many styles of wooden sofa sets such as L-shaped corner sofas, love seats, bed cum sofa, chesterfield sofa, velvet sofa and conventional three cushion sofa sets.

Wooden sofa sets highlight the durability and sturdiness of the wooden structures.

 Fabric sofa

A gorgeously crafted fabric sofa set can change the feel of a living room. The fabric is very soft and comfortable that provides more pleasure in long hour sleeping. Fabric sofa sets come with a variety of materials.

Therefore the couch set tends to be the most comfortable as compared to other materials. If the living area has limited space, then Dominic fabric sofa sets will be the best one.

Fabric sofa sets are available in different colours and patterned choices. A fabric couch will give the look of a famous, rich and royal culture.

leather sofa

leather sofa set can add sophistication and elegance to the décor of a living room. Leather is known for its luxurious feel for the one who sits on it.

Leather always become softer and better with age. The person who will sit on the leather sofa will get a feeling of stiff and hard but the feel changes after time.

Long back, leather sofa sets was a sign of royal living but today, the price of it has decreased and it is now found in everyone’s living area.

The main advantage of this leather sofa set is that it is everlasting and the trend of it never gets outdated.

The color of the sofa will never fade away even after being discarded. Leather sofa sets have the ability to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

They don’t need any extra maintenance, as they can be wiped with a wet cloth and it will become all new.

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