10 Ways To Make your Home More Elegant

Ways To Make your Home More Elegant

Who doesn’t crave for an elegant looking home? Elegance is something that is extremely personal and cannot be put in a rigid frame of definition. But, there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to home decor, and need to be followed for the best results.

Here we have listed out the 10 easiest ways to make your house look elegant, without much effort. Let’s read on to know more-

  1. Have a uniform colour pattern for all your furniture. Not everything needs to look exactly the same, as colours from same family or same hues do the same work.
  2. Also, choose colours that compliment the decor. Like, if you have a balcony garden, paint the wall in a colour that would enhance the greenery of the garden.
  3. If you are going for more than one colour, choose ones that compliment each other. Contrasting colors make it hard to concentrate on one, making the room look small, cluttered and even loud.
  4. The third thing about colours is that they ought to compliment the season. If you live in a generally colder place, bright colours will make you feel bright. But for someone living in hotter regions, such colours will not only attract more heat, but also end up looking tacky. Thus, while choosing wall colours, the 1:3 ratio helps, wherein for every 1 loud coloured wall, you must have 3 light coloured walls.
  5. Also, choose fabrics that are of good quality. Cheap quality fabrics not only bring down the look of your house, but also need to be replaced repeatedly. Which is costly in the long run.
  6. Go for antique home decor pieces. Antiques give the house a classy, subtle yet rich look. Antique mirrors, statues, tables- anything will do. One piece of antique in your house your speak for your the taste of your entire house.
  7. When it comes to home decor- less is more. If you have a couch that looks regal, don’t stack up on too many other decorative pieces. Similarly, if you have any good old oil painting hanging in a wall, go minimal on its color. They key is to let every item breathe and speak for itself, without being shadowed. Over stuffing makes your house look small, dirty and the items lose values as well.
  8. Choose a themes when decorating the house. Do you want you home to look modern? Do you want to give it a rustic look? Should your home decor should be traditional or contemporary? Pick one and stick to it.
  9. The best way to uplift the look of any house is to add plants. Plants are great natural air purifiers as well.
  10. The last but definitely not the least, have a book shelf. Or an exclusive corner for books. This adds elegance to your house like nothing else.

What do you think of our list? Let us know in the comments section below.          

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