10 must follow tips to be a minimalist when moving to a new home

The process of buying a house or moving to a new one can be really overwhelming. If you are a new buyer or shifting homes for the first time, there may be instances when you might feel suffocated, as there is so much to take in. But whatever your concern might be, money plays a pivotal role while buying/moving to a new house. With tons of options available for every need of our, it is easy for newbies to get distracted. This leads to some not so wise decisions and a bill that surpasses the estimated budget by huge numbers.

So, the elephant in the room is if it’s possible to have a minimalist approach while buying or moving to a new house? To which we say, THERE ABSOLUTE IS.

We have listed below 10 smart and easy tips that will help you balance your budget efficiently. Check them right away.

  1. The first and foremost tip is to start from the basic. While doing your research on houses to buy/rent start from the scratch and then move up the ladder, this will help you stick to the budget.
  2. If you have applied for a home loan, make it a point to pay 10-15% of your monthly income as your monthly installments. In this way, the period of your loan will lessen down, and you will be obliged to pay a huge EMI. The point is to plan in paying a bigger amount as EMI. Click here to know more.
  3. Before taking the final plunge, keep in mind that you are going to want a healthy amount of cash in your hand once you move in. The reasons for this can be many, but the truth is that an empty wallet after a fresh move in is nothing less than an impending doom.
  4. Now that you have moved in, decorating the house is a major expenditure. Coming back to minimalism, do not go overboard with the décor. Research and decide on a theme that will work effectively for your space. Read our list for the hottest decor trends of the season.
  5. Fill the rooms with basic furniture and upgrade slowly with time, if needed. This will not only help you plan your space better, but also keep your pockets heavy.
  6. Play safe on colors, as not too many colors go with every sort of home décor. Just like furniture, you can upgrade with the color as time goes by.
  7. Invest in a good quality neutral colors that will last for a long period of time.
  8. If you are buying a new house, or building own on your own, have a blueprint of the house ready.This will help you plan and idealize every nook and corner of the space, without getting stuck on later. Pre-planning has always helped people save money.
  9. Learn new DIYs. They are not only cost effective, but also a great way to reuse material that’s already easily available.
  10. Lastly, something that is the most important factor considered while buying or moving to a new house. LOCATION. If you have to choose between a house in a remote location that is offering you first class amenities in a price within your budget and one that is located in a prime location in the city, maybe even near to your workplace, with maybe same or slightly less amenities but a bit on a steep price, which one do you choose? There it is! Cheap is not always better as it has long term implications.

We hope that this article will definitely help you out in a planning out your space in a better and smarter way.

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